Inspired by fiction

The chicken and the egg is the age old mystery. Which came first right? The world may never know. Personally I believe the chicken is a mutation of evolution so the egg did in fact come before the chicken we all know and love today. But this reminds me of a similar but different question. Which inspired which first, fiction – or reality?

This answer is also obvious, fiction is inspired by real life. Without real life there would be no fiction. Unless of course you subscribe to the belief of the matrix where life would be nothing more than fiction in perpetual creation. Fiction is very clearly peoples’ creative interpretations of the way life is, but often it’s easy to think that life is a lot like fiction.

This creates a beautiful never-ending circle of creation and inspiration. A funny thing happened to you at work today, you went home and turned it into a sketch. Or perhaps you saw that new hit movie out and it inspired you to brush your teeth that night, which in turn inspired you for a tweet. Especially nowadays when  media is immediately available at anytime the circle’s motion is faster than ever and inspiration and creation are abound.


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